Text, instruments, video and electronic sounds enter into a dialogue, with each other, against each other or side by side. Jan Wegmann tries to weave himself and his music into the complex network that surrounds him and to provide a view on topics like globalization and communication from the artist’s perspective.

Small ensemble, speech, live electronics, improvisation – everything is connected by a large LED video wall, light and surround sound. Traditional compositional practice is combined with modern multimedia technology, the familiar with the unfamiliar and the visual with sound. Sometimes the material comes together like a collage – perhaps incoherent at first sight – and sometimes the material is put into a new context through a different perspective. Tensions and flickering disturbances arise between the different layers, but they also merge into something completely new. Individual compositions combine to form a whole.

Forum HfMT Hamburg

Meredith Nicoll – mezzo-soprano
Katharina Althen – oboe
Felix Stachelhaus – drums
Patrizia Scherer- performance
Yann Mbiene – performance
Juan Manuel Jaramillo – percussion
Lea Theus – direction

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