(*1992 in Stuttgart, Germany) is a multimedia artist, composer and performer currently based in Hamburg, Germany.

(Photo: Bayaru Takshina)


He studied Musikdesign at Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, a course of study that combines various subjects such as sound design, composition, technology and performance. Afterwards he studied Multimedia Composition at HfMT Hamburg to further develop his skills in composition and technology, experimenting with themes like spatialization, microtonality or live-visuals.
He studied with Norbert Fröhlich, Luís Antunes Pena, Alexander Schubert, Georg Hajdu and Fredrik Schwenk.

During an internship with E-MEX Ensemble Essen in 2015/16 he gained experience in the world of contemporary ensemble music, setting up multimedia and live electronics for various concerts and taking care of sound direction.

In 2022 he founded GlitterBox Collective together with Carmen Kleykens Vidal and VictorPiano. A collective that is focused on creating immersive multimedia performances and installations. Furthermore he is a founding member of the improvisation groups Bunte Luft Trio and YNFB.

His work focuses on small details, giving them space to unfold and showing overlaps and tensions between different materials. He creates drifting structures of layers, sometimes abstract, sometimes ironic, but always combined with the goal of a holistic and concentrated result. His compositions often have a performative component, exploring the expressive power and presence of a person on a stage or in a performance context.

To realize his work he combines his various influences and skills and uses a multitude of resources, self-programmed software tools, hardware synthesizers, controllers or sensors. He uses found material, sounds, videos, texts, or 3D/VR visuals and works together with other artists to create immersive atmospheres that fill the space and challenge the perception of the audience.

He has realized works for Stimme X Festival (together with Dong Zhou), CLAB Festival Hamburg, EviMus Festival Saarbrücken. and Floating Transmissions Festival Hamburg. Together with composer Orestis Papaioannou he realized interactive installations in Hamburg, Berlin and Lübeck.